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Combining master classes with stage performances, Jean-François Desrosby presents a diverse range of concerts and lectures on national and international stages. His repertoire touches on the Renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, postromantic, jazz, world music and modern periods. These variations allow for great flexibility, from small concert halls to halls capable of holding more than 2,500 people.

" I was impressed by the purity of his interpretation and his ability to captivate his audience " (R. Servin. Dir. FIGI, Mexico)


Concert venues

Regardless of the venue, Desrosby always performs for a fascinated and attentive audience.

Conferences, lectures and master classes

Jean-François Desrosby is invited to give master classes, lectures and other types of presentations. He is notably appreciated not only for his great qualities as an instructor, but for his unique technique that combines science and psychology.

Desrosby is a pioneer in translating from the world of sport into biomechanics and performance psychology to music performance. His work and teaching on these elements have influenced the playing of countless musicians and guitarists.


Actual program


Suite in E minor BuxW236 D. Buxtehude  (transcription JF Desrosby)
Chaconne S.L. Weiss  (transcription JF Desrosby)
Suite BWV 1006a J.S. Bach (transcription JF Desrosby)
Suite BWV 995 J.S. Bach (transcription JF Desrosby)
Suite BWV 997 J.S. Bach (transcription JF Desrosby)
Chaconne en D minor BWV 1004 J.S. Bach (transcription JF Desrosby)


Rossiniane no.1 Mauro Giuliani
Rossiniane no.3 Mauro Giuliani
Élégie J.K. Mertz
Mallorca, Cordoba I.Albeniz
La Cathedrale A. Barrios-Mangore
From The New World (Symphony no.9) Dvorak (transc. JF Desrosby)


Sonatina in A F.M. Torroba
Castles of Spain F.M. Torroba
Capriccio Diabolico M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Tarantella M. Castelnuovo-Tedeco
Sonata J. Turina
Invocation y Danza J. Rodrigo
Sonata Giocosa J. Rodrigo
Sonata Leo Brouwer
El Decameron Negro Leo Brouwer
Hika Leo Brouwer
Sonata Lennox Berkeley
El Muerte del Angel A. Piazzolla
Totems I (Eagle, Owl, Falcon, Crow) P. Sasseville-Quoquochi
Totems II (Masko (bear), Mahikan (wolf)) P. Sasseville-Quoquochi
Kaos P. Sasseville-Quoquochi
Koyunbaba, suite for guitar Carlo Domeniconi
Variations on a theme of Scriabin Alexandre Tansman • Trilogy Frederic Hand

With orchestra

• Fantaisie pour un Gentilhomme Joaquin Rodrigo
Concerto de Aranjuez Joaquin Rodrigo
Concerto no.1 in D Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Concerto de Toronto Leo Brouwer
Concerto Elegiaco Leo Brouwer


Technical specifications

Scenic equipment required
• A chair
• The musician has an iPad with an electronic device for turning pages and a support


• This item is to be discussed, depending on the acoustics of the room and its capacity