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In addition to stage performances and recordings, Jean-François Desrosby shares his passion for classical guitar with students around the world. His sensitive and musical interpretation, his technical virtuosity and his ability to transmit his knowledge make him a sought-after instructor in Canada and elsewhere.

University education, master classes, lectures and coaching in artistic performance

Jean-François Desrosby is a professor of professionalization of instrumental practice at the University of Sherbrooke and responsible for the musical performance and creation sector. He teaches guitar, musical optimization, self-production and musical entrepreneurship. He also teaches individual lessons or master classes and also offers specialized conferences in different contexts, whether in conservatories, universities or at festivals, in addition to offering private performance consultations (remotely or in person). He was on the team who developed new and innovative music programs at the University of Sherbrooke

He developed a more modern approach to teaching guitar, drawing on scientific principles first developed in the world of high-level sport. His work and research in biomechanics and performance psychology make him an important reference in the field of new original playing techniques as well as in musical optimization. He also holds a doctorate on the subject and published a book on this research in 2011. His research is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada as well as by the University of Sherbrooke. He is also interested in the development of new approaches in musical production and self-production as well as in entrepreneurship. Jean-François is also a principal researcher at the Music and Health Research Institute affiliated with the University of Ottawa.

His qualities as a passionate communicator and a talented guitarist are also regularly solicited by solo guitarists for advanced lessons.

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University of Sherbrooke School of Music


Conference or master classes

Optimization of the technique using a biomechanical approach

The sports biomechanics approach provides new ways for musicians to overcome technical limits. This approach is effective in improving the playing techniques for any instrument. The flexibility of the biomechanical approach allows everyone to adapt the concepts to their own morphology and technical approach. Discover, in a conference or workshop, the physiological mechanisms that can optimize your guitar/instruemental technique and prevent injuries related to instrumental practice. This presentation provides basic anatomical concepts, and concrete solutions based on research results in sports biomechanics.

Duration: 60 to 180 minutes

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Optimizing performance through mental preparation


This thematic workshop introduces, in an accessible language, the mechanisms that hide behind performance anxiety. Several approaches are explored to make this anxiety a powerful ally for optimizing stage performance. “In my work on the optimization of guitar technique using a biomechanical approach, I quickly realized that a parameter was blurring the cards. I could greatly increase my potential, but unfortunately the performances were not always those expected under stress. My research into the field of sports kinesiology led me quite naturally to look at athletes and their mental preparation for performance. I found elements applicable to instrumental practice.” Jean-François Desrosby

Duration: 60 to 180 minutes

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Student Awards

Countless students have refined their interpretation and technique with Jean-François Desrosby. Many have received scholarships or have distinguished themselves in competitions. Some exemples:

Grant from Canada Council for the Arts

Grant from Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec

Grant from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Winners of several prizes in provincial and national music competitions

Grant from Jeunesses Musicales du Canada Foundation

Peabody Conservatoire Graduate Scholarship (in the class of Manuel Barrueco)

Anna-Desmarais Scholarship

André-et-Maria-Bandrauk Scholarship

Ernest-Sylvestre foundation Scholarship

Christian-Carbonneau Scholarship

Grant of Office Québec-Amériques pour la jeunesse

Grant from Fondation des Arts de Laval

Grant from Ville de Sherbrooke

Winner of University of Sherbrooke Orchestra concerto competition

Scholarship from University of Sherbrooke

Cégep en spectacle finalist

Jacques-Joubert Grant

Guitar loan from Jeff Stinco — guitarist of Simple Plan