Guitar, innovation, creativity

Enter the ebullient world of guitarist Jean-François Desrosby. Discover powerful and dynamic performance marked by exceptional musicality and virtuosity.

Desrosby’s rich universe is marked by striking contrasts and a captivating stage presence that distinguishes the artist.

These combinations have amazed the public on both national and international scenes. As a solo guitarist, Desrosby enchants the audience through the depth of his musical sense, creativity and the vivacity of interpretation.

Jean-François Desrosby is a doctor of music interpretation (D.Mus.) and is a sought-after pedagogue both in Canada and abroad. He combines academic teaching, research, master classes and lectures on classical guitar and inspires with his exceptional technique based on biomechanical principles, performance psychology and musical entrepreneurship. Learn more

" Whoever chose the term energetic wasn’t kidding! " Classical Guitar Magazine

" Desrosby Rocks! " This Is Classical Guitar

" Equaling the energy of a rock band – move aside Hetfield! " Classical Guitar Canada


Jean-François plays exclusively on Savarez Strings and plays a guitar made by the German luthier Antonius Müller (2013)  with Graf tuners