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    Album Reviews

    «He has much of taste and the true meaning of music.» Irene Brisson - InfOpera (Dec.2009)
    «Within a few seconds of the Rossiniane getting of the ground, it became abundantly clear that whoever chose the term energetic wasn’t kidding... no doubt that we’re in presence of a guitarist who can send out lot of notes within an impressively narrow timescale...» Paul Fowles - Classical Guitar Magazine, UK (Apr.2010).
    «...sometimes equaling the energy of a rock band – move aside Hetfield! ...Desrosby has exceed my expectations and confirmed that Canada has a new level of upcoming high quality artists.» Bradford Werner - Classical Guitar Canada (Aug.2010)
    «Trought a technique completly mastered, and a sense of musicality full of a surprising depth, he interprets the Totems with intelligence and great virtuosity.» Pascal Sasseville-Quoquochi - Composer
    «This album is superb. It makes it possible to appreciate the blazing and all in nuance playing of the artist in a judicious choice of classical and contemporary works.» Raphael Hovington - Hebdos Quebecor (July 2009)