GIULIANI, MORENO-TORROBA, REIS, SASSEVILLE-QUOQUOCHI (2009, remixed et remastered in 2021)

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Recording and mixing JF Desrosby Mastering Simon Gibson, AbbeyRoad Studios


  1. Rossiniane no.1 op.119
    M. Giuliani
  2. Allegretto (Sonatina)
    F.M. Torroba
  3. Andante (Sonatina)
    F.M. Torroba
  4. Allegro (Sonatina)
    F.M. Torroba
  5. Se Ela Perguntar
    D. Reis
  6. L'aigle (Mikisiw, Eagle)
    P. Sasseville-Quoquochi
  7. Le Hibou (Ohomsiw, Owl)
    P. Sasseville-Quoquochi
  8. Le Corbeau (Kakakiw,Raven)
    P. Sasseville-Quoquochi

Album description

The Rossiniana no.1 op.119 by Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829) is a fantasia, which is inspired by operatic themes of Rossini. For example, it contains themes from the operas l’Italiana in Algeri, Otello and Armida. Furthermore, it combines Rossini’s melodic lines to Giuliani’s instrumental virtuosity.

Spanish composer Federico Moreno Torroba’s (1891-1982) wrote Sonatina for the legendary Segovia. It recalls both the elegance and beauty of the Alhambra gardens and the Spanish festive spirit.

Totems I and II, Pascal Sasseville-Quoquochi (1972)
For American Indians, totems represent a way to get in touch with life. They symbolize the belief that the characteristics of a whole are found in all elements of living entities, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. This concept is found in the Totems, where each musical piece represents a specific totem. For example, the piece Mikisiw (Eagle) was inspired by the physical appearance of the animals, their strengths, their sanctity, and the spiritual symbol that is represented in the Atikamekw culture. These compositions give the opportunity to the listener to travel through different landscapes, shaping his mind.

Album Reviews

«He has much of taste and the true meaning of music.» Irene Brisson - InfOpera (dec.2009)
«Within a few seconds of the Rossiniane getting of the ground, it became abundantly clear that whoever chose the term energetic wasn’t kidding... no doubt that we’re in presence of a guitarist who can send out lot of notes within an impressively narrow timescale...» Paul Fowles - Classical Guitar Magazine, UK (apr.2010).
«...sometimes equaling the energy of a rock band – move aside Hetfield! ...Desrosby has exceed my expectations and confirmed that Canada has a new level of upcoming high quality artists.» Bradford Werner - Classical Guitar Canada (aug.2010)
«Trought a technique completly mastered, and a sense of musicality full of a surprising depth, he interprets the Totems with intelligence and great virtuosity.» Pascal Sasseville-Quoquochi - Composer
«This CD is superb. It makes it possible to appreciate the blazing and all in nuance playing of the artist in a judicious choice of classical and contemporary works.» Raphael Hovington - Hebdos Quebecor (july 2009)